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Please respect me and my art by not stealing it, replicating it, or colouring over it. I worked hard on these pictures and will not tolerate you stealing them.


All you need to know about me:

Private Sub cmdRespect_Change()

If txtYour_Heart.Caption = "Kind" Then

txtMy_Heart.Visible = True
txtMy_Heart.Enabled = True


Answer = Msgbox ("Program does not acknowledge input as valid. Please enter a valid input.", vbCritical + vbOkCancel, "Error")

End If

End Sub



Journal Entry: Thu May 23, 2013, 9:11 PM

So I won't be updating or uploading anything else to this deviant art account anymore. I just don't feel like this is an environment that is suitable for my art anymore. Perhaps in the future that will change, but even if it does I would start fresh with a new account. This is basically to say goodbye, though I won't be completely gone. I have made friends with a few people on this site and I will check back once in a while to view messages.

You can still contact me here, but if you ever want to contact me and know for sure that I'll get your message you can send me an ask via my tumblr:

It has been really fun sharing and interacting with you guys, I wish you all the luck in you future endeavors! :heart:

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak


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hi i am open fore free requests [link] if you would like to take a look it be very appreciated
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You tied for second place for the RavenclawCommonRoom contest, so you will get two llamas and three points :3 Great job!
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Goodness, I visited your page on the right time, apparently. Happy Birthday? :3
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